Super Yummy, Nutritious, Delicious, Crowd Pleasing Vegan Chili

Paired with Vegan, Gluten Free Corn Bread, and maybe a salad, this is an amazing meal!

Super Yummy, Nutritious, Delicious, Crowd Pleasing Vegan Chili


  1. Variety of mushrooms (I like Criminis for their texture) quartered - 2 of those packages should do….
  2. I whole Yellow Onion, slivered
  3. 2-4 cloves of garlic, chopped
  4. Veggie Broth (Low Sodium)
  5. Faux ground meat (optional) I look for the gluten- free kind in the freezer section
  6. 3 large cans of whole, low sodium tomatoes
  7. 4-6 cans of Low sodium beans: I like kidney, pinto, black and white kidney but you may like others or choose to use dried…a little more time but more cost effective.
  8. Chili Powders, to taste or you can buy a pre-made mix like Carroll Shelby’s
  9. Optional items: 1 dark beer (added at the end…amazing flavor boost), olives, chopped up veggies: some people like carrots, celery, peppers, corn…I’ve even added chard and spinach. More veggies make it more nutritious but also makes non-veggie eaters suspicious!


Prep all the ingredients ahead of time so you can simply put it all together in one pot.

(Saves on dishes!)

If you’re making the Gluten Free Corn Bread

I suggest in the video, prepare that and put in the oven while you make the chili so it’s all ready at the same time.

Sautee the onion in a little veggie broth and once they are soft, add the garlic and the onions and cover. If you’re using the faux ground meat, this is a good time to add that as well. If you’re using any of the “harder veggies” like carrots, peppers or celery, you should add these now. Make sure everything is on the soft side before moving on.

Add the canned tomatoes, taking care to “smush” the tomatoes as you add them so they are chunky but not whole.

I do this with my hand.

Next, add the beans, spices and any of the soft veggies you might be using like spinach & chard. Lastly, when everything is simmering nicely, add the beer!

Serve with chopped onions or chives, more crushed red pepper and faux cheese and sour cream, if you like that sort of thing!


Do I really need to tell you the health benefits of this dish? Tomatoes, Beams, Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic and Chili! Wow! If you make this dish right, it’s tough to find anything that tops it in nutrition AND deliciousness.

homemade gluten free healthy chili

homemade gluten free healthy chili

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