Joy Makes Veggie Broth

Joy Makes Veggie Broth


  1. 2+ large onions, diced
  2. 1 large parsnip
  3. 1 large turnip
  4. ¼ bunch parsley
  5. 1 large potato (or peelings)
  6. 1 corncob or whole ear
  7. Squash seeds and/or pea pods, if available
  8. 1 broccoli stalk, cut up
  9. 2 cloves of garlic
  10. 2+ large carrots, sliced
  11. 2+ stalks of celery with lots of leaves
  12. Any other vegetable leftovers like the tops of leeks, ends of mushrooms, scallion greens, zucchini
  13. 2 outer lettuce leaves
  14. 2 bay leaves
  15. 3 sprigs of fresh thyme and other assorted fresh herbs
  16. 1 tsp. basil
  17. ½ tsp. celery seed
  18. Pinch of salt
  19. 1 tsp. whole peppercorns


Always use firm, fresh vegetables or wash & store in Ziploc freezer bag.

Trim off ends and cut into 2-4 inch pieces (more surface=more flavor)

Sauté all small vegetables in bottom or large (16 quart) stockpot with water, adding garlic and herbs until the veggies “sweat”.

Add enough water to cover and bring to a boil. Add water until the desired amount of stock is reached. Reduce to a simmer and continue for an hour or more…allows all the flavors to come out.

Remove large veggies with strainer and a finer strainer or cheesecloth for the final straining.

For a richer stock, continue to simmer after removing veggies.

When finished cooking and straining, place entire pot in a sink filled with cold water (ice will speed up the process)

Place in refrigerator with a large spoon upside down to prop up the lid to allow air to circulate. (don’t cover until stock is cool)

Freeze what you won’t use within a few days. Large & small containers for various uses and ice cube trays for sautéing.


Vegetable broth serves as a base for many soups, stews, casseroles, etc. but it can also stand alone as a beverage. I’ve substituted it for coffee.

People are largely ignorant about vegetable broth health benefits. Some of the pronounced vegetable broth health benefits include:

Low in Calories: Veggies, by their very nature, are low in calories. Not adding any oil, assures this low-calorie property. Stress Busters:. The vitamin C content of vegetables is known to work effectively in curbing the activities of stress producing molecules. Vitamin C and other important antioxidants halts the flow of free radicals through the body. The high vitamin content of vegetables also protects the body from oxidative stress.

Weight Management: The vegetable broth aids in weight management by serving low calories with high nutrient content. When used as a base in the preparation of soups, stews, etc., it can actually boost the dish’s nutritive and flavor value, while not adding extra calories. Having broth as a snack between meals can help to curb the appetite without consuming extra calories.

Added Benefits: Many health professionals feel that all broths can enhance gut health. With anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, the quercetin content of onions makes it an important ingredient in this stock as it decreases intestinal permeability through a ‘sealing’ effect. Garlic is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial across body systems and has anti-candida and anti-cancer properties. By using mushrooms in your stock you get a wonderful dose of intestinal membrane-healing zinc; they also contain immune-boosting polysaccharides. All three vegetables are also naturally rich in prebiotics that promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the large intestine.

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