Five Layer Dip

Five Layer Dip


  1. Heidi Ho Creamy Chia Cheeze (I’ve also used the smoky variety)
  2. Corn (I like it with fresh, but you could use canned, too)
  3. Better Bean Cuban Black Beans (I just used their regular black beans because the stored didn’t have this variety. I’ve now made it with multiple flavors and I like all of them!)
  4. Guacamole (fresh or pre-made)
  5. Salsa
  6. Cilantro
  7. Tortilla Chips


Warm your Heidi Ho chia cheeze until it becomes smooth and creamy (medium-low on the stove top).

Start with Better Beans as the base. You can heat them or serve chilled.

Add Guacamole

Layer in corn of your choice

Add in the slightly heated chia cheeze

Top with salsa and cilantro.


This is what Better Beans says: “You eat plant-based all week long then it comes book club, or game day or that fancy party you have been planning for for months and you feel compelled to serve meat or cheese. Well, I’m hear to tell you this appetizer will tingle the taste buds of ever your most carnivorous friend! 😉  Stay true to you”

This is a really easy dish that is a crowd pleaser and also so good for us! A couple of notes from trying:

I couldn’t find the cute little cups they used so I tried making them in the plastic slanted cups we use for wine at big parties…not as cute. The next time I made them, I used a big, clear, glass dish and it worked but I’d really like to find the cups they used…

I prepped the dish ahead of time and added the heated cheeze right before I served the dish…big hit! Every layer of this dish is full of health benefits…such an improvement over a traditional dip like this with cheese, sour cream, etc. Here’s what others say about using Heidi Ho instead of dairy cheese:

“This product filled a “gaping hole” in the vegan/vegetarian/lactose challenged products aisle. Most non-dairy cheeses were made with starch, fat, added flavors and other unpronounceable things. This is an organic, natural cheeze with less fat and calories than real cheese.” Yay!

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